VMware Workstation 10.0.3 Build 1895310 Lite Crack Patch Serial

Description:VMware Workstation - a program for creating multiple virtual
machines on a single system . VMware Workstation allows, working in one operating system (eg , Windows XP), at the same time work in Windows Vista, Windows 7 , Windows 8 , FreeBSD, Linux, NetWare, Solaris , etc. - No need to allocate a separate operating system resources and restart the computer when switching from one OS to another . Team VMware Workstation provides public access VMware Workstation Technology Preview to gather feedback from users on a wide range of hardware configurations and software. VMware Workstation Technology Preview includes changes in the core virtualization and new opportunities that we are studying. 

With this solution you can on a single computer to conduct processes of development, testing, debugging and running multi-tier browser-based applications that exploit the new operating systems and legacy applications on one computer , install new or upgrade existing operating systems without performing partitioning operations and restart the computer.

The new platform offers enhanced capabilities for application developers , engineers, quality control , sales of technology solutions and IT-administrators . One of the most notable innovations package VMware Workstation 8 has enhanced support for 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows. To display the status of virtual machines are now fully use functions of Flip 3D and Aero Peek, implemented in the interface of Windows 7. VMware Workstation Package 7 was the first product with full support Aero GUI in Windows 7. Enabling a single application-based technologies DirectX 9.0c Shader Model 3 and OpenGL 2.1, which can be run in virtual machines Windows.

VMware Workstation 8 Including the following new features and enhancements:
Remote Connections - VMware Workstation 8 in there connectivity to virtual machines that run not only in Workstation ( and not only on your PC ) , but also with the VM on VMware vSphere hosts running VMware vCenter ( ie , can be picked up directly in vCenter Workstation environment and manage its virtual machines ) .
"Share" VMs - In Workstation 8 users can share their virtual machines when working in groups (testing , software development ) , which provides additional opportunities teamwork (there snap "Shared VMs").
Upload to vSphere - In Workstation 8 is possible to download a virtual machine from your PC to the server with VMware vSphere, which may be useful for the deployment service developed for the PC in a virtual enterprise environment of the enterprise ( or " cloud " ) . Supported drag & drop VMs hierarchy vSphere.
New User Interface - The user interface has been significantly redesigned , there vyakie " prettiness " in the menu , animated icons , improved setup screens . Also there was a "library of virtual machines " with advanced search capabilities ( not only on your desktop , but also on other hosts with Workstation and vSphere).
Improved Virtual Machine Capabilities - Added support for HD 7.1 surround sound standard support USB 3 devices and Bluetooth. In addition, there are many improvements in the components of virtual SMP ( can be switched - off and support Virtual VT-X/EPT AMD-V/RVI), increased performance 3D- graphics as well as an opportunity to create virtual machines with 64 GB of memory. Now supports 64-bit guest operating systems running as virtual machines on a virtual ESXi ( double virtualization) .

Key features:
"The simultaneous launch of multiple guest operating systems on one computer
" Running a virtual machine in windows desktop core operating system and full screen
" Installing virtual machines without re-partitioning
" Running is already installed on your computer operating system without reinstalling or re - configure
" Launching applications Windows operating system on a Linux computer , and vice versa
" Creating and testing applications simultaneously for different systems
" Running untested applications without the risk of endangering the stability of the system or lose critical data
" Sharing files and applications to different virtual machines by using a virtual network
" Running a client- server and Web applications on one PC
" Running on the same PC multiple virtual computers and modeling of network

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