RollBack Rx 10.4 Build 2700918799 Crack Patch Serial

Description:RollBack Rx 10.4 Build 2700918799 Name powerful and professional
software to restore Windows to the past. With this software can be used with the above characteristics to go back on the Windows operating system supplier. Features of the software include the ability to return to work when Windows can not start, pulling the operating system in minutes, hours and months, the planning application for the return operation automatically at set times and more. The software is a product of Horizon DataSys.

Some of the features Rollback Rx:
Ability to restore any System Crash (even if Windows is in trouble)
Ability to restore the system in minutes, hours or months
To test the software and clean it
Access control software to prevent access by other users to program
Scripting and scheduling automatic operation by the user

(1): Download 
RollBack Rx  From Home Page
(2): run the setup
 Use Given Keygen To Activate .
(4): Enjoy and Support Developers, Buy It, They Deserved It!

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