Blumentals Rapid PHP Editor Crack Patch Serial

Description:Blumentals Rapid PHP Editor is the name of the software
that offers a professional editing environment for PHP, developers will help in better code layout. The editor is in PHP has many features and capabilities. Editing, debugging and code analysis and publication files of the possibilities is that they can be named in this application. With the help of this software you can own websites and the PHP scripting language dynamically and by combining it with other programming languages ​​and databases, professional website design. This software product is now Blumentals Software.

Features Blumentals Rapid PHP:
Support for various web programming languages ​​PHP, Html, CSS, javascript, WML, XML
Explorer for quick and easy access to various codes with the program
The Syntax Check to correct automatically when programming for PHP code
Supports UTF-8 and UTF-16 standards
Support and full integration with various documents PHP, Html, CSS
The possibility of opening and saving PHP files via FTP
The management and FTP publishing
Search and Replace feature to search for code and the possibility of fast replacing code with other code
Spell Checker Spell Checker with or Html files and TXT
Multi Item Clipboard useful capability for simultaneous use of several temporary storage environment
Ability to show what your code
The Syntax Check to correct automatically when programming for PHP code
Includes a library of useful codes, small and practical
The possibility of using the Code Templates or snippets program

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