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Description:Blumentals WeBuilder advanced and versatile software
for editing code that web pages work with it. Clean and convenient interface, quick startup of feature that helps you to edit HTML, CSS javascript, VBScript, PHP, ASP, SSI, Perl helps. Very useful feature of the software can be quickly and easily applied much higher than other software can be mentioned. The software is also capable of having that type of programming errors, as well as a variety of operating system you are programming in its analysis. Another interesting point of this software can be extremely user friendly and easy to use text editor, it is noted that the programming easier. HTLM professional editing with automatic code programming, project management and publishing FTP / SFTP, Czech spells out the text of HTML and text files, support for UTF-8 Unicod, regular codes of programming languages ​​HTML, CSS, javascript, VBScript, PHP, ASP, WML, XML, ASP.Net, C # .Net, Ruby, eRuby, Perl, SQL, using code templates for web sites of the functionality of the software.

Features Blumentals WeBuilder:
Ability to edit HTML, CSS, javascript, PHP, ASP in an application
Ability to clean and loads very fast
Run high speed
Immense power in a text editor, toolbars, menus and shortcut keys
Professional Edition HTLM with automated scripting code
Debugging a variety of programming languages ​​and the use of technology XDebug
Open and save files directly from FTP
Connect to a variety of databases, PostgreSQL, Firebird, Interbase
Advanced search capabilities and highly accurate alternative Hnchnyn
The use of different assumptions for a variety of languages
L ready to use the sample code
Several clipboard
Czech capability spells out the text of HTML and text files
Ability to search and replace with regular support
Unable to connect to SQL database
Adaptability and specify the HTML tag is missing
Publishing Project management and FTP / SFTP
Regulatory codes of programming languages ​​HTML, CSS, javascript, VBScript, PHP, ASP, WML, XML, ASP.Net, C # .Net, Ruby, eRuby, Perl, SQL
UTF-8 Unicode support
Programming capabilities for databases
SVN Support
The ability to use code templates for websites

What's new:
- Fixed: Bug - Find in files selects random filter from the list
- Fixed: Bug - Reload From FTP does not work when file in subfolder
- Fixed: Bug - Active parameter in function parameter hint with commas in strings

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