Desksoft SmartCapture 3.4.1 Crack Patch Serial

Description:Desksoft SmartCapture is under a Windows screen capture
screenshot tool is easy to use, clear and intuitive user interface and powerful features make it the most easy to use screenshot tool. It can capture any of the content on the Windows desktop, including a rectangular screen, the entire object, window or full screen, and Desksoft SmartCapture supports importing images from a scanner or digital camera. Desksoft SmartCapture supports all major file formats, image manipulation (such as zoom, flip, rotate, color replacement, etc.).
Software features:
Shooting modes: rectangle, window, active window, screen, fixed size
Capture the mouse cursor
Support for multiple monitors
Independent hotkey different shooting modes
Support for scanners, digital cameras, etc.
Save, print, copy, e-mail, Word editor, send
Supported file formats: BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, TIF
File Conversion
Each task user-defined profiles
Color Conversion: 1,4,8,24 bit color or grayscale
Color reproduction: Jitter or the closest color, optimized or standard color palette
Color changes, reverse, reverse car
Brightness, contrast, gamma, saturation, hue
Resize, flip, rotate, sharpen, soften
Print size support (dimensions and DPI)
Undo and Redo (multi-level)
Automated scripting support
Print multiple images on a single page (collection mode)
Print page headers and footers
Image editing and drawing function
Windows 8 support!
Install Notes:
==> DisConnect the Internet
==> Install the Program
==> After Install Don't Launch/Run the Application
==> Use the "Crack" to Activate the App
==> Enjoy [Don't Try To UpDate]
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