PicturesToExe Deluxe 8.0.14 Crack Patch Serial

Description:Using PicturesToExe you can simply and vividly create a photo
album (slide show as a single file zapuskaemogo.exe), the video file of your photo, good for sending by e-mail or write to the disk. For each slide, it is possible to add text and audio commentary (wav, mp3, wma), and background music (mp3, wma, wav, midi) for the entire presentation. In addition, PicturesToExe contains an option to synchronize the length of the slide show to tarry playing music. The program has a rich variety of different options to assist you to create an amazing presentation! If necessary, it is possible to protect the slide show with the aid of the password or specify the date, which afterward slideshow will not work.
What's new in PicturesToExe 8: 
Improved Timeline View
All Displays Audio tracks and Gives the User control over each Audio clip.
Sound Volume CAN be adjusted using keypoints to create an Envelope.
Fades in and out CAN be Applied to Any Audio clip.
An Audio clip can be linked to a slide. If you Move That slide, the Audio clip moves with it.
Audio comments Added to Slides are Displayed on the Timeline.
Audio Improvements
New design of Audio Tab in Project options.
Export of Audio tracks into A Single MP3 file to reduce the Size of an executable show. Use of this feature Also Eliminates Audio file incompatability When Creating EXE Files for playback on Mac Systems.
Audio Comment 'command in the popup menu of the Slide list.
Slide Styles
These are Templates of objects with predefined animation Which you CAN apply to existing Slides.
Styles CAN be Created, exported and Imported using the Style Editor.
Objects and Animation
Dynamic blur CAN be Applied using keyframes. If blur is applied to a parent object, any child objects will also be blurred. Blur CAN be USED for slide objects in Custom Transition Effects.
Dynamic Unsharp mask CAN be Applied using keyframes.
Color Adjustment (eg sepia, grayscale) CAN be Applied using keyframes.
Crop tool in "Adjust image and border" window.
Mask container CAN be inserted into another container mask /
Transparent background of Slides for Custom Transition Effects.
Linked Images on A slide. See "Main Object" parameter.
Optimized performance of Masks objects.
Scale Key frames in objects (on time Change) 'mode in Slide options is Fully reworked and USED by Default for new Slides. You CAN Change Default settings in the Preferences / Project Tab.
Change slide duration command in Tools menu. Use of this tool Allows the User to Keep absolulte time positions of keyframes or to scale keyframes after changing the slide duration.
Video masks.
Adjustable Speed ​​of video clips.
Chroma Key.
Support of video clips with Alpha channel (Requires video clips in RGBA Format).
Output for Android tablets at 1920 x 1080.
Added Exit Show button ("X") at the top-right corner of the screen in executable Shows. This option requires navigation bar with Video style. Set checked "Exit" button in the list of available Buttons for the Navigation bar .
Templates of Projects
New Templates Tab in the Preferences window to manage project Templates.
Customizable options by Default for new projects.

OS: Windows® XP / Vista / 7/8 / 8.1 Download the files of PicturesToExe Deluxe 8.0.14
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