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Description:Auslogics File Recovery is simple to use and effective program which
is designed to restore accidentally deleted files and files lost due to virus attacks or system failures. Using this program you can pull files from a failed flash drives.

* Often we delete files and clean the recycle Bin, then restore these files by conventional means Windows is impossible. In addition, there is always the risk of losing important information due to virus or improper operations of a program. In any of these cases You will come to the aid File Recovery program that restores even hopelessly lost files.

Convenient SEARCH
* You will not need much time to find the files you need. The File Recovery program allows you to specify detailed search criteria. For example, You can specify the types of files and disks on which to search. If You remember, when the files were last modified, select a certain date range. If You are looking for a specific file and remember at least part of its name, You can add it as a search criteria.

Search data on remote sections
* Even if You delete the partition, File Recovery can find and recover the files you need. This applies even to those parts of the disk that You have already allocated under other sections. The program can also find the files on the formatted disk. In cases, when it produced only a quick format, there is a high probability of recovery.

* File Shredder - another useful feature of the program, which will be useful to anyone who wants to remove confidential information from the disk quickly and without the possibility of recovery. Few people are aware that usually the files can be easily restored with the help of powerful programs such as Auslogics File Recovery even if recycle Bin has been emptied. Files deleted with File Shredder cannot be restored by any programs.

* Unlike File Shredder, this tool erases previously deleted in the usual way information on the entire disk. For greater security, Disk Wiper allows you to disable service Recovery System. Because this service monitors changes in files, disabling it ensures that in the process of erasing a new copy of the files would not be created. Disk Wiper can also clean the limit of the clusters, and records in the MFT.

Creating a disk image

Support different media types
* Auslogics File Recovery supports most common media types information. You can recover files that were deleted from Your computer, external hard drive or USB memory card. And with support for flash drives, You can recover photos and videos deleted from Your digital camcorder or camera.

Preview files
* Preview files is another useful feature of the program File Recovery. With this feature, You can view pictures, photos, videos, content, text and PDF documents directly in the program window. This will allow You among the many found files find and restore them quickly. (06/07/2015)
* fixed all known bugs;
* improved program stability and reliability
* improved internal libraries
* improved program installer.

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